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Future 40 2022

Laura Deyermond

Head of Viticulture, Newton Vineyard, St. Helena, CA

Rebuilding From the Ground Up

After fires in 2020 reduced Newton’s Spring Mountain estate to ashes, Deyermond rolled up her sleeves and got to work. With only five surviving vineyard acres, she developed a 10-year replanting plan, using the knowledge gained over Newton’s 40-plus prior years of farming and consulting with experts on drought-tolerant rootstocks and clones. Her plan is to replant 10 acres a year through 2027, focusing on bringing back the best blocks first. Deyermond is also overseeing burying the entire irrigation system, adding solar panels to mitigate against power safety shutoffs and reduce energy use, reducing the use of plastic, and being cautious not to cause erosion while redeveloping. At one square mile, the steep, mountainous Newton property has only 73 plantable acres, with the rest left for wildlife and native habitat.

Instagram: @ldeyermond, @newtonvineyard