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Future 40 2022

Larissa C. Dubose

Sommelier & Educator, The Lotus and The Vines, Atlanta, GA

Amplifying Inclusive Education

Certified sommelier Larissa C. Dubose’s passion for wine education shines through in everything she does. Based in Atlanta, Dubose founded The Lotus and the Vines, a wine education site that offers merchandise and tastings.

Dedicated to making wine education more inclusive and equitable, Dubose also serves as director of education for Black Wine Professionals, a talent resource for Black professionals in all sectors of wine. “Wine is my passport to the world through a bottle and sharing that realization has created more ‘aha’ moments for individuals early on their wine journey than any other lesson.” Dubose says. Recently, Dubose was named national director of beverages for Paradies Lagardère, one of the largest airport concessionaires, where she will lead the continued growth of the organization’s wine and beverage expertise.

Instagram: @lotusvinewine