John Michael “JM” Morcilio  | Future 40 2022 | Wine Enthusiast
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Future 40 2022

John Michael “JM” Morcilio

Content Creator and Founder, Urban Wine Tribe TV, Jersey City, NJ

Corner Store Wine Connoisseur  

John Michael Morcilio, better known as JM, put in his time on the floor as a longtime server at a local restaurant, and eventually he’d heard enough unimaginative pitches from salespeople bringing wines for consideration for the list and lackluster pre-shift by-the-glass rundowns that he knew he could do better. He started writing. The notebook where he wrote from the heart about wines based on his years of experience pouring and drinking them became the seeds of Urban Wine Tribe, a multimedia assault on the stuffy conventions of wine that has taken the form of a YouTube talk show, short videos, comics and writing with the singular goal of making wine more accessible and entertaining.

Instagram: @urbanwinetribetv