Aminah Robinson-Briscoe | Future 40 2022 | Wine Enthusiast
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Future 40 2022

Aminah Robinson-Briscoe

Chef, Founder, Black Food & Wine Experience, Oakland, CA

Uplifting Black Food & Beverage Culture

Aminah Robinson-Briscoe, aka “Chef Mimi,” is a classically trained chef with a passion for educating the public about how food and social justice are tightly connected. She is the founder of the Black Food & Wine Experience, where food, beverage, wellness and Black culture all intersect. The event was created as a space where Black food and beverage professionals, whether novice or veteran, can exemplify their contributions to the industry and allow attendees to taste the sheer variety of what Black culture has to offer.

In addition to the annual Black Food & Wine Experience, she runs “Bringing it to the Table,” a culinary competition highlighting Black chefs, and Chef Mimi catering.

Instagram: @iamchefmimi