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Future 40 2022

Alycia Abreu

Executive Assistant, The Roots Fund, Brooklyn, NY

Catering to Community

After entering the wine industry by chance, Alycia Abreu has become a multitalented figure and advocate for diversity in the larger field of spirits. She serves as secretary for the JJL NYC Chapter of Hue Society—an organization dedicated to bridging the gap in economic inclusion, accessibility and representation in the wine industry. Abreu joined the chapter to “celebrate in a shared culture around wine that has a place for everyone no matter where they are in their journey with wine, and no matter where they plan to go with it.” She extends this effort at The Roots Fund, a nonprofit that provides scholarships, mentorships and educational resources to members of BIPOC communities, where she recently took on the role of Executive Assistant.

Abreu also currently works at City Winery, based in Manhattan, where live music is paired with food and wine made on-site. She is established in the wine world as a Cava Ambassador and third place finalist in Taste France’s 2021 Le Best Sommelier competition.

Instagram: @alyciaaaxx, @rootsfund

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