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40under40 40under40 Photos by Scott McDermott
40 Under 40 Tastemaker 2018

Max Kuller, 38, Washington, D.C.

Managing Partner/Sommelier, Estadio

Honoring his father’s legacy

Kuller uses his love of wine and food as a catalyst for both revelry and reflection. He took the reins at Estadio in 2014 after his father, Mark Kuller, with whom he opened the restaurant, died from pancreatic cancer. Energetic and forward-thinking, Kuller is well-known for his efforts to organize creative consumer events like the Sherry Blossom Festival and Juniotónico: A Gin and Tonic Festival. But it’s another charitable project, Ga May, that’s closest to Kuller’s heart. It’s a monthlong fundraiser where local restaurants, stores and wine distributors donate proceeds from the sale of Gamay-based wines to the Lustgarten Foundation, a group dedicated to curing pancreatic cancer.