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Go Back to (Wine) School With These 7 Lessons

Sending the kids back to school can trigger many feelings, and one of those might be a thirst…for knowledge. So while the kids are away, why not enroll yourself in wine school? The best part is you don’t have to leave home—or put down your glass—to learn something new.

Here are seven lessons guaranteed to help you on your journey towards expanding your knowledge about wine.

Decoding Professional Wine Reviews

Wonder what it really means when you hear a wine described as zesty, jammy, crisp, bright, spicy or floral? Get straight answers from a Master of Wine.

Throwing a Blind Wine Tasting Party

Stocked up on paper lunch bags now that the kids are back in school? Keep a few for yourself and learn how to throw an informative and entertaining wine tasting party. Get themes based on regions, styles and varieties plus what food to have on hand to help cleanse your palate.

Origins of Wine

Who actually invented wine and where does it come from? Go on a trip to the headwaters of the Tigris River to begin your investigation. Your guide: “The Indiana Jones of Alcohol.”

Sparkling Wine Seminar

Prosecco, Cava, Crémant and Champagne. How are they made and what makes them distinct? Peruse the sparkling wine glossary, learn serving tips and how to choose a bottle that’s right for you.

A Global Tour of Malbec

From its beginnings in Cahors, to enormous popularity in Mendoza and now a rising star status in Washington State, what is it about this grape that inspires so much of the world?

Mastering The Restaurant Wine List

Rule 1: Don’t panic! Remain calm and follow our 14 tips to make sure your meal, and the wine that comes with it, are both a perfect match—even if the restaurant doesn’t have a sommelier or wine staff.

Tasting Room Road Trip

Now that you’ve read these 6 articles, it’s time to head to a winery. Wondering how to navigate the tasting room? Your professors are three tasting room pros, who let you know the do’s and don’ts of winery visits.