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An Italian Wine Mosaic


Like the small shimmering tiles that make up a mosaic, the numerous winemaking regions of Italy fit together to tell the story of Italian wine. These pieces glimmer with history and culture and the estates within each bring the people and traditions to life through their wines. Explore the magnificent and sweeping countryside in the Italian Wine Mosaic.

Through the Italian Wine Mosaic, tour the dynamic country, from the crisp alpine whites of Alto Adige to Tuscan vines heavy with ripe Sangiovese. Get carried away on the windswept shores of Lake Garda, home of elegant Trebbiano, or soak in the sun on the beaches of Sardinia, an island where textured and bright Vermentino thrives. Whether sipping Prosecco during aperitivo hour or contemplating a luscious Amarone on a chilly night, all these little moments add up to the brilliant picture of Italian wine.

Visit the Italian Wine Mosaic Shop, where there’s a wine for every moment and every mood. Explore and purchase the diverse offerings of this renowned winemaking country and bring the experiences into your home. Go deeper: watch the Wine Enthusiast IGTV channel and learn more about each region through videos and engaging conversations with the people behind the wines. An entire world of Italian wine is at your fingertips.

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