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Wine Enthusiast Silent 18 Bottle Dual Zone Touchscreen Wine Refrigerator



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Store and serve from 2 separate zones! The Wine Enthusiast Silent 18 Bottle Dual Zone Touchscreen Wine Refrigerator is thermoelectric, energy-efficient, and CFC-free wine. Protects the taste of reds and whites with updated, virtually silent cooling technology in 2 zones.
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Already have one that I love (since 2008). It is full of bottles that I want to store for another 5 to 10 years. I need another one for some new additions to my collection. So, I am going with a product that I have had 100% satisfaction with.
Charlie on Jun 15, 2016
it fits my cabinet
robert g on May 16, 2016
Already have one that I love (since 2008). It is full of bottles that I want to store for another 5 to 10 years. I need another one for some new additions to my collection. So, I am going with a product that I have had 100% satisfaction with.
Charlie on Jun 15, 2016
The specs I needed.
John V on Jun 2, 2016
it fits my cabinet
robert g on May 16, 2016
wanted a dual zone refrig and a friend has this one.
Peggy H on Apr 11, 2016
Siuts my needs....dual zone and capicity, not to mention the price.
Michelle M on Apr 9, 2016
Fit my bar area...
Jan K on Apr 2, 2016
replace the exact one that has failed. the place it fits is fixed so i had the buy again.
Drew S on Mar 31, 2016
Other cooler broke
walter c on Mar 28, 2016
The size and space saving. Perfect fit for under my kitchen island, hopefully according to published dimensions!
Richard T on Feb 16, 2016
Silent, dual zone, and compact
Andrea F on Feb 2, 2016
Great size and dual temperatures. Exactly what I was looking for
Gary D on Dec 21, 2015
Replacing a couple we bought a few years ago from.
Greg R on Dec 18, 2015
This is my second unit like this. The first one worked well, and lasted many years. Happy to replace it with the same item.
JAMES B on Dec 18, 2015
Requested as a gift.
Renea A on Dec 16, 2015
Looks Great, has good reviews, wine enthusiast has good reputation
Cheryl E on Dec 16, 2015
seems like a good value
Elizabeth K on Dec 16, 2015
Gift for xmass for my parents, we have the same one and they love it.
Michael M on Dec 15, 2015
James H on Dec 13, 2015
Good rating, right size & capacity
Dennis S on Dec 5, 2015
fits in small kitchen space
Steve K on Nov 17, 2015
It's the right size for my space. Can't wait to get it!
Shelby H on Nov 11, 2015
because it fits under my bar
Hale K on Nov 9, 2015
It fit the area size that I have, and I liked the features of this cooler. I also read the reviews, and felt it was the quality product I wanted.
Rick B on Oct 28, 2015
i like the idea i can cool the red and white wine separately if i so choosi
Beverly T on Sep 3, 2015
It was listed on a wedding registry.
Emily M on Jul 22, 2015
Met my needs
William L on May 30, 2015
I had the same one for almost two years and I liked it because of the size and the two zones.
Patricia D on Apr 25, 2015
It had great reviews and it was a good price. We have plenty of wine storage, but don't drink much so we didn't need to keep large amounts cooled for long periods of time.
Matthew L on Apr 24, 2015
this will be used at our bar at work
Carmela A on Apr 2, 2015
I have been told that Wine Enthusiast markets good brands that have been known to be reliable. This is a gift for a family member so I'm trusting that my info is correct.
David D on Mar 30, 2015
Dual zone, elegant design, good reviews
Francisco B on Feb 17, 2015
Ed W on Jan 29, 2015
It fits what I need to store my wines. look forward to using it.
Courtney R on Jan 23, 2015
It was the right size and right price.
James S on Jan 6, 2015
I was told this is a great wine cooler
Terry B on Dec 19, 2014
You were out of another model... But after having used this at my Beach House for the past year, I love it. Works great!
Bill K on Dec 15, 2014
we have limited space in our eating area, and our wine is stored in a perfectly tempered crawl space. Hopefully this will fit and we won't have to scurry downstairs every time we need a bottle of wine!
Lori R on Dec 10, 2014
dual zone and silent
mary z on Dec 8, 2014
sleek design, silent cooling
gina b on Dec 7, 2014
Price, looks, options and reviews
Jeff G on Dec 7, 2014
Joanne D on Dec 5, 2014
Like the 'silent' ones. Price is perfect for a cooler that holds 18 bottles! Dual Zone gives options!
Sara B on Dec 4, 2014
We were looking for a wine refrigerator and this one is perfect. Quiet and holds enough bottles for our entertaining.
Sheryl W on Dec 2, 2014
Chosen since the reviews were great!
Jonathan W on Dec 1, 2014
Needed a new one. Liked that it was duel zones
Donna Y on Nov 30, 2014
Dual temps on the outside is exactly what I was looking for!
Janet A on Nov 27, 2014
We have one of these and like it very much. We have ordered one like it for our daughter.
Diane B on Nov 25, 2014
outside dimensions
Donald S on Nov 13, 2014
Silent,Thermoelectric,Dual controls,18 bottles
Donald C on Nov 1, 2014
This unit fit my space requirements
Charles B on Oct 14, 2014
The specs I needed.
John V on Jun 2, 2016
wanted a dual zone refrig and a friend has this one.
Peggy H on Apr 11, 2016
can this unit be placed for use in a garage?
Marshall T on Jul 16, 2015
BEST ANSWER: This unit "could" be used in a garage but I would not recommend it if your garage experiences extreme temperatures. This unit is not designed for garage use, as that would require a lot more insulation and the ability to cool more than it does.
what are the dimensions with packaging?
ann S on Dec 15, 2015
BEST ANSWER: Sorry I don't have the packaging anymore but its approximately 3-4" large in all dimensions than the unit.
How do you switch the temp display from celsius to fahrenheit?
Rick A on Nov 12, 2015
BEST ANSWER: Please give our tech dept a call at 1-800-648-6058 selection 2.
Is this an undercounter or freestanding wine frig?
Elizabeth on Mar 24, 2014
BEST ANSWER: The Wine Enthusiast Silent 18 bottle touch screen wine refrigerator (2-Temp) is a freestanding refrigerator.
Can an opened bottle be stored upright if you remove the three bottom shelves. I do not have the inside dimensions between top and bottom compartments?
chris m on Nov 16, 2015
BEST ANSWER: Hello Chris,
There is not enough room on this cellar to store a bottle upright.
Take a look at our Silent 21 bottle Item # 272 03 19 10.
This one you can store bottles upright.

Thank you.
My white is not cold enough I
Can get the top to 46 but it won't stay and bottom
At 50. Is that right ?
A shopper on Jul 24, 2015
BEST ANSWER: The way I have my unit set up, and the way I believe was intended by the manufacturer, is to keep the white wines in the bottom section and red wines in the top section. I have had no trouble keeping the top section at 58 degrees (for the reds) and the bottom section at 46 degrees (for the whites). Just remember that colder air wants to fall, which is why it's easier to maintain the colder temps in the lower areas of the fridge. You may also need to confirm that you have adequate ventilation for your fridge, which helps maintain temperatures. I actually have our fridge inside of a dining room buffet cabinet with an array of ventilation holes in the back of the cabinet. Because ventilation in this configuration is not ideal, after having loaded a few new bottles of room temperature wine, I will need to leave the buffet door open until the fridge reaches the correct steady state temperatures. After that, the fridge temps will remain rock steady whether the buffet door is open or closed.
Can this unit be used for long term storage, or is it best suited for short term storage?
Eric B on Oct 19, 2015
BEST ANSWER: "Long term" is a relative term. Based on the size of the unit you're considering, my guess is that the answer is "yes, for your purposes." Meaning, most wine connoisseurs would go through 18 bottles relatively quickly. So a unit this size would not typically be considered a "long term" solution by their standard. However, should you simply place your finer bottles of wine within the unit, and forget about them - they would do well. Just remember to clean the filter on the back once a month. Good luck!
Has anyone experienced water collecting onto the bottom plastic rack of both the bottom and top levels? Why does that happen? Condensation plus lack of drainage system in this fridge? Looks like I'll need to wipe up the water every once in a while.
Joseph W on Oct 5, 2015
BEST ANSWER: Cannot answer this question... bought it for a gift; they haven't mentioned this problem but I will alert them to the possibility!
Can this refrigerator be placed inside a furniture cabinet that has an open back to it?
Sue on Feb 20, 2014
BEST ANSWER: I have my unit in a cabinet - BUT - I installed a small fan, pulling in cool air and blowing it over the back of the unit. The air vents our of the top of the cabinet. This works great and the unit maintains temp and does not cycle on and off very often. I tried this in a standard commercial kitchen type cabinet previous to this and that did not work well; unit ran continuously and could not maintain temp. So, I abandoned that idea quickly so as not to burn up the unit. As with any refrigeration system, the heat dispensing mechanism must be able to release heat and have it ventilated from the immediate area.
My question is about placement. Should the whites or the reds be on top?
Malbec Lover on Apr 2, 2013
BEST ANSWER: Thanks to both of you for your replies. I moved my reds to the top, but my thermastat won't stay on any temp higher than 58*. I didn't have an issue with the reds on the bottom.
We have the 18 dual zone touch screen and it keeps temp where we have it set. It is a bit noisy and some bottles don't fit. Question is, are the fans supposed to run all the time?
F150 on Jan 31, 2015
BEST ANSWER: Yes, the fan will run all the time as that helps with how the unit cools.
Is there a way to lower the temperatures lower than 46? Was looking to store some beer in here also.
Ray on Jan 5, 2015
BEST ANSWER: Thank you for your question, unfortunately the wine cellar is only meant to go as low as 46 degrees. We do offer other wine & beverage centers that you will be able to store soda & beers at a serving temperature. Please search under beverage centers in our search field.
The picture of this refrigerator does not look like the dimensions given in the description. Please provide the dimensions.
vlfrance on Nov 17, 2014
The dimensions are correct:
25 3/4" H
14 1/4" W
20" D
If placing inside a cabinet space, how much room on the top and sides for circulation?
Leslie on Feb 22, 2014
BEST ANSWER: The unit is meant to be used as only a free-standing unit, not built in to a cabinet. You need at least 3" all around the sides, back, top and rear for proper operation.
Can this unit be used/placed in a basement?
Bob on Dec 28, 2013
BEST ANSWER: It is recommended that you keep the wine refrigerator in a place where the ambient
temperature is below 75°F. If the ambient temperature is above or below recommended
temperature, the performance of the unit may be affected. For example, placing in extreme
cold or hot conditions may cause interior temperature to fluctuate. The range of setting
temperature may not be reached.
Is there a warranty on this refrigerator? It has stopped working and I've owned it less than a year.
Kim on Jul 18, 2013
BEST ANSWER: There is a 1 year limited warranty included in the purchase from the Wine Enthusiast catalog.
how do you set dual temps?
andy on Jun 25, 2013
BEST ANSWER: This refrigerator has 2 storage compartments or zones; the top zone allows an adjustable temperature range between 54-66°F; the bottom zone allows a range of 46-66°F; the controls for setting the dual temps can be found on the front panel in the center between zones. They are digital and can be set easily.
I have lost my manuel. What side of the display shows the red wine? I lost power and I can not remember what side goes to what type of wine.
Diane on Mar 28, 2013
BEST ANSWER: This product has adjustable upper and lower zones with different temperatures. The upper zone has a temperature range from 54-66°F for white and red wines, and the lower has a range of 46-66°F which is described as optimum for most white wines. Each zone has a directional arrow indicating if the temperature is for the upper or lower zone. The left side of the display is for the upper zone, which has a warmer range for red wine.
Could this be put on carpet, or should it be on a hard surface?
Muhlyssa on Jun 14, 2012
BEST ANSWER: Hello Muhlyssa,
As long as it is not a very thick carpet you can use it either way.
Thank you
How far away from the wall should the wine fridge be placed in order to vent properly?
null on Dec 25, 2011
BEST ANSWER: The sides have vents also (at the back, about 2.5 inches wide, don't notice them), so we put it right up against the back wall. There is a drip pan in the back that prevents the back from directly touching the wall (maybe 1.5 inches). We have a fair amount of space open on the sides but don't know if you really need much open space on the sides. You would have to have a little on the right anyway to open the door because of the hinge design.
The temperature will not stay on when I lower it and the highest number appears and flashes. How can I reset the temp. and get it to cool again on the 18 bottle dual zone fridge?
Jean on May 24, 2015
BEST ANSWER: Hello Jean,
You can try to unplug the unit and let it sit for 48 hours to reset.
If that does not work please contact our technical department @ 1-800-648-6058 option #2.
Thank you
What is warranty for my silent 18 bottle cooler? The fans run and light works but it stopped cooling last month and it's only 11 months old?
Val on Apr 10, 2015
BEST ANSWER: The warranty is 1 year. I would suggest calling our technical department to further
discuss the current function at 800-648-6058 .
With my zones set at 54 and 46 degrees F, how many kWh/day should I expect the refrigerator to use?
curious george on Feb 18, 2015
BEST ANSWER: The standard test environment is 77 degrees Fahrenheit and it test out at 365kwh/yr at 77 degrees F.
Is there a way to store an opened bottle inside the unit?
Stephanie on Dec 13, 2014
BEST ANSWER: Yes, put the cork back in it and that should keep it sealed.
I am getting a pool of water in the bottom can I troubleshoot / fix this?
Kristin on Nov 28, 2014
BEST ANSWER: Please call tech support at 1-800-658-6058
Is it possible to fit a few Riesling bottles in some of the slots in this model?
Sy on Oct 15, 2014
BEST ANSWER: Depends on the Riesling bottle as some are longer than others but typically they will not.
Is it possible to fit in a few Riesling bottles in this particular model?
Sy on Oct 14, 2014
BEST ANSWER: Riesling bottles are too long for this model.
Can the WineEnthusiast logo be removed from the front door?
Writes2survive on Oct 5, 2014
BEST ANSWER: It can not be removed but perhaps you could cover the logo.
when i try and change or set a temp it reverts back to the last temp.
sal on Sep 7, 2014
BEST ANSWER: The unit shows what the current temp is. It will revert back to the last temp but cool down to what you set it at.
I Have a 24 bottle 2 zone cabinet & the bottom does not cool and is at a 72 degree temp. Instructions say it might need a new fan. Can this be purchased & accompanied by instructions to be installed by myself.
Don on Aug 9, 2014
BEST ANSWER: This is a great question for our Technical Department. Please call 1-800-648-6058 and press
option 2.
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One year and a few months - dead!
I was happy as can be until just a few months past the warranty expiration then it died. Very light use. Mostly just sat around opened a couple of times per week. I even cleaned the back screens monthly.
August 8, 2013
Not bad, but not great either
We use this in our finished basement for keeping wine at ready to drink temperature. While the bottom half seems fine, the top half REFUSES to keep the temperature where its set. We use the top half for reds, and want the temp to be somewhere in 60 - 63 degrees (its actually set to 66). But, the top half is NEVER even close to 66 - its usually about 8-9 degrees BELOW that, so our reds are always too cold. We've had the wine fridge for just over a year, and the top half has never kept the temperature as warm as its been set to.

Overall, it's ok and I guess decent for the cost, but it is very annoying that even though it claims you can have 2 different temp settings, one of them does not work well.
January 28, 2011
Great Store & Serve Refrigerator
I use this refrigerator for storing the red and white wines I will soon consume at their serving temperatures. I store the reds at 62 degrees and the whites at 46 degrees. The refrigerator is very quiet. It sits in an area between my living room and kitchen, and I don't even notice it's there. When the door is opened to remove a bottle the temperature returns to the set level relatively quickly. It does exactly what I expected it to and I'm very satisfied with it.
May 10, 2011
Great little wine fridge
We were looking for a small - dual zone wine cooler that would fit under a kitchen desk that's no used anymore as a desk. This cooler fits just perfectly. It got the wine cool fast and keeps it cool - hardly running (when it does it's nearly silent).
Dual zones rock! Internal light is more for show than function... but it does make it look cool at night.
Some people complain about bigger bottles - here's the deal - in the top left of both sections there's an internal fan to move the cold air around. It does prevent the taller bottles from fitting with the door closed - so you just reserve those spaces for the smaller bottles... no temper tantrum needed.
April 18, 2011
nice look, good refrigeration, too small
My wife and I have just started to get into wine. This is our first wine fridge. We bought this particular one because of the dual temperature zone feature. The dual zones work well and it looks nice. Our only complaint is size. The shelves are too close together and the refrigerator isn't deep enough. Some bottles didn't fit or had to be squeezed in, pressing against the shelf above making it unstable.
I would recommend it because it does get the job done. Could just be better.
November 1, 2009
Temp variation is a big problem
I purchased this wine fridge specifically to house some of my nicer wines. Unfortunately, I have had problems from the beginning with maintaining a constant temperature for the bottom half of the fridge. I set it to 53 deg but it has consistently dropped from that and ranges from 44 to 51 deg. One of the most important things about cellaring wine is to keep constant temperature and I fear that some of my nice wines now have been ruined because of this. I'm very disappointed and would not recommend this product.
February 15, 2011
works great (so far!)
This was a tough purchase! I've read many reviews from both here and on Amazon about wine coolers and how they can be potentially flawed; either they don't keep the right temperature or they're too noisy when billed as "whisper quiet," or they just plain break down. And these negative reviews seem to cover all the brands so how does one choose? After choosing the model that seemed "less" likely to break down, we got the Wine Enthusiast Silent 18, and so far--we're into week 3 with the unit--it's living up to its name. It's whisper quiet, even when the fan goes on, and has kept a steady 55 degrees in both the top and bottom sections. It does kick out some warm air in the back and on the sides, so it needs to be in a well ventilated area. All in all, we're very satisfied!
September 11, 2012
The Best Wine Cooler
Delivery was when they said it would be. And it was in fine condition.
September 28, 2011
Awesome fridge
this cooler is super super quiet and gets cold fast. You do not hear it unless your 2 feet away and all you hear is the small fan spin when it does spin. Its like a small computer fan, 2 or three of them in there and thats all you hear. Very elegant design as well!
May 24, 2010
very nice
very nice design, it looks really nice anywhere you put it..
February 15, 2011