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These wine label savers are perfect for your wine collection. Quickly and easily remove most wine or beer labels and you're left with a laminated memento to save in your Wine Cellar Album.
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My wife likes to use labels to decorate our cellar.
David M on May 28, 2016
Stocking stuffer
Mary F on Apr 30, 2016
My wife likes to use labels to decorate our cellar.
David M on May 28, 2016
We use them all the time to save labels.
Mindy O on May 23, 2016
Stocking stuffer
Mary F on Apr 30, 2016
Great for removing labels from wine bottles.
Donna G on Apr 14, 2016
we enjoy saving the labels from our favorite wines for
future reference
Marianne D on Mar 22, 2016
They really come in handy when my husband and I go on cruises. We drink wine with dinner every night and get to try some unusual types of wine. Makes it so much easier to remove labels rather than pack the bottles in our already full luggage!
Cynthia L B on Mar 14, 2016
ran out
Sandra N on Mar 7, 2016
Joyce B on Feb 21, 2016
enjoyed them before
Glenn B on Feb 11, 2016
We have some older wine labels we'd love to save.
Nicole G on Feb 4, 2016
First time buyer. Will see how it works.
SONJA W on Feb 1, 2016
we have a wine journal
Tracy A on Jan 30, 2016
Because we have had some wonderful wines with beautiful artwork on the labels - worth saving for so many reasons and these savers really work well.
LINDA A on Jan 3, 2016
To gently remove wine bottle labels and to have a laminated label to place inside my Wine Journal.
Michael J on Dec 21, 2015
We always seem to forget the great wine we shared. Thought this may be a fun way to remember!
GARD L on Dec 19, 2015
love these to save memories in the wine book
SUSAN C on Dec 18, 2015
I've used label saves before and love them. They go well with the log I keep - the log I purchased here.
FRANK R on Dec 14, 2015
Saw the sommelier use one of these at a restaurant and it worked well.
PAMELA B on Dec 13, 2015
We want to apply a label to our wine cellar handle that is shaped like a wine bottle
Tom T on Dec 9, 2015
making a poster of wine labels
Tricia W on Dec 9, 2015
my family enjoys wine and would like to remember in a more professional way.
Anne V on Dec 8, 2015
To track the wine-tasting and purchasing adventures we share.
Julie R on Dec 7, 2015
Save labels instead of the whole bottle - Now I can recycle the bottles.
Shellie K on Nov 25, 2015
Home project
diana g on Nov 20, 2015
I want to make a wine label framed art
Toni H on Nov 20, 2015
hope it will ease the process of saving wine labels
Elizabeth S on Nov 19, 2015
We have a wine scrape book!
DEBRA H on Nov 17, 2015
because I was short a couple of bucks to get the free shipping and $50 card.
tom h on Nov 17, 2015
My Husband uses this all the time for his wine projects.
Linda S on Nov 16, 2015
we chose the wine journal
bremda w on Nov 12, 2015
Gift for my wine friends
Connie A on Nov 8, 2015
i need it
lee k on Nov 6, 2015
More effective adhesive than similar products.
Eric G on Oct 24, 2015
Like to lift labels of wines we find and like.
MICHAEL C on Oct 20, 2015
Michelle H on Oct 19, 2015
Easy and visual way to remember wine, grape and vintage, plus write tasting notes below label.
Alberto J d on Oct 4, 2015
From the 1959 BV Georges de Latour and the 1961 Chateau-Margaux. The 1994 Lafite Rothschild and the 2003 The Prisoner. I love saving the labels. These label savers work. Cheers...
Darryl Mayer D on Sep 18, 2015
I use these all the time and am using the labels in a wine tasting scrapbook.
Vicki Bogner on Sep 15, 2015
if the wine is good you need to remember it!
paul s on Sep 2, 2015
Better idea than saving the whole bottle
Linda M on Aug 20, 2015
We have been saving labels for years. These remove most labels very easily.
MARY KAY W on Aug 10, 2015
We use these labels all the time
FANNELL V on Aug 1, 2015
These are the only ones I trust.
Stacy J on Jul 28, 2015
is great
JHOANNA G on Jun 23, 2015
Good product
Alan M on May 19, 2015
good way to preserve special memories
Christine L on Apr 26, 2015
Believe it or not, I used to soak labels off ages ago. The excellent tips given by a prior purchaser are excellent (see below product listing in reviews) and these can be used with confidence. Also, am saving labels as wineries use more great, individual, commissioned art!
Kit R on Apr 24, 2015
Used before and save labels
Debra W on Apr 20, 2015
thought it was very unusual and since many wine labels are beautiful, will give this a try. Hard to believe that it will work but did see that it will.
Susanne S on Apr 11, 2015
I love recording the wines I drink and writing short notes. It's fun to go back and compare months later.
JOSEPH L on Apr 3, 2015
We use them all the time to save labels.
Mindy O on May 23, 2016
Great for removing labels from wine bottles.
Donna G on Apr 14, 2016
Can these labels be reapplied to the bottles? We slump bottles in our studio and often people want to have the label reapplied.
null on Jul 9, 2011
BEST ANSWER: I really don't think they can be reapplied to another bottle as the glue on the remover is quite strong. Unless of course you trimmed it well and used a lot of glue because the back of the label is raw material but you'd still have the thickness of the plastic and the label to contend with.
I don't know if I have old label removers however I watched the video and carefully applied the adhesive. I rubbed each bottle with a round pen and made sure to cover the entire label, only two of 5 labels came off. The tape seems about as strong as common scotch tape. Unfortunately it pulled of pieces but refused to grab after I rolled it back and rubbed it more. Very Disappointed.

Jim Herbst on Apr 20, 2015
BEST ANSWER: Hi Jim, Unfortunately it does seem that many wineries are using very strong adhesive these days for their labels. While 2 of 5 labels coming off is much lower than usual, we do find that about 10-20% of labels will be very tough to remove regardless of how strong an adhesive is used. Thanks for your feedback!
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This will work on most labels.
I have found that there are different types of labels that the wineries use on their bottles. Being able to identify them before you try and use this product will greatly increase your ability to save you wine labels.

Here are some tips I have found useful.

1. Test to see if you can pull the label off of the bottle without the need to use one of the savers. You can do this by attempting to pull the label from the back of the bottle first. If it works there it will work on the front as well. Some labels are of higher quality then others and will come off in one piece all on their own. Test before you waste a saver.

2. The labels that work best with the savers are made of pure paper and have no raised prints or embossings. When the labels have these it will create small pockets of air around the raised print and will prevent you from pulling it off whole with the savers.

3. Make sure you go around the edges of the label and try to squeeze out every last bit of air. Especially on the leading edge that is the beginning of the label. This is important cause if it starts out well the rest of it should pull easy. If it doesn't get a good grip at first you might not get it whole.

4. The night before you use the saver take a damp cloth or sponge that has a little dish washing soap on it and moisten the label. Don't over do it, what you are trying to do is soften it up a little and the soap will make the label more acceptable to the adhesive. The next day when it is dry again it will help with the saver to stick to it better.

5. Be very careful how you place the saver on the label. There is no one specific way to do it but you need to make sure that it applies flat and with no wrinkles in it.

6. The spoon method for removing the excess air works well however I have found that using the shaft of a long screw driver works even better.

7. After you have gone over the label to get out the air let it sit for a few minutes. Then heat it up with a hair dryer. This will loosen up the adhesive just slightly and will fill in the tiny air gaps you can't see. When it is still warm go over it again with the spoon or screwdriver. Then let it sit as it cools. When it does the cooling saver will contract making it stick to the label even more.

8. When you begin to pull the label back do so very slowly and use both hands to get as many fingers on the label as possible. You don't want the pull the be strong on one side of the label and weak on the other you want a uniform pull as much as possible. Pull the label towards you and not out and away from the bottle.

Sounds like rocket science doesn't it, lol, all in the name of wine my friends ;)

Using these methods I hardly waste any of the savers and I have a scrap book full of labels.

Good Luck.
January 2, 2013
Needs Instructions, and Here They Are
This product works just fine, when used correctly; but the package lacks adequate instructions on how to use it correctly. So after extensive trial and error, I will share what I have learned. (Don't thank me, I'm a giver.)

1. Once you begin removing the protective backing, be VERY careful not to touch it on anything -- the adhesive is very sticky, and permanent -- once it sticks to something other than bottle glass (including itself), it will not let go. So don't let it fold on itself, and make sure it is placed exactly where you want it on the wine bottle before pressing down.

2. Start it out on the glass next to the label, and keep it taut as you slowly press it down onto the label itself. Work slowly, and don't allow any air to get trapped between the label and the remover film. If you do get a bubble, nick it with a razor blade and push out the air.

3. Press it down really hard (I use a soup spoon), then let it sit that way for about 10 minutes to allow the adhesive to cure.

4. Start from one edge and SLOWLY pull off the remover and the label. Don't expect the entire label to come off; most of the time, about half of the label paper will remain behind on the bottle -- but the half that comes off will contain everything you want.

5. Have a suitable surface ready to receive the label (album page, wall, etc.) and stick it onto that surface immediately. Remember, the adhesive that's still exposed is still sticky; the last thing you need is to remove the label and then start looking for a place to put it.

6. If the label just doesn't want to come off intact, you have two other options: You can try using a single-edge razor blade or box cutter knife to CAREFULLY get between the paper and glass as you carefully lift the remover film; or preheat your oven to 300 degrees, then turn it off, and place the bottle in the oven. Leave it there until the oven has cooled (be careful, bottle might still be hot), and try lifting the label again.

7. Remember, nothing works 100% of the time.
November 9, 2010
Great product
Product was delivered in a box filled with brown paper and cost $6.95 when it could have been put in an envelope and mailed for $.44! Most wasteful.
June 24, 2011
Wonderful Idea
With a little rubbing the labels come off to keep forever.
May 10, 2011
Label Savers are Great
Watch the video for quick how-to tips; these labels are the only thing I can find to preserve non-domestic labels of beer and wine bottles that have particularly difficult adhesive.
January 19, 2012
As Described - Easy to Preserve Wine Art
I use Label Savers to remove wine labels intact so that I create special gifts for my friends. Framing wines that we have tried on vacations in a collage with a photograph, creating "label" trays with plexiglass over the labels. The convenient packaging nd price break at quantity help me keep maintain my "artistic" budget. To have complete success, clean the surface first and ensure the Label Saver is completely adhered to the bottle. I love this product.
Hurray! Something that works.
We bought a couple of packs on clearance at Dillards. I was skeptical at first. However, the product works great. Every label came off, sometimes just the printing, sometimes everything. The key is to simply use a smooth object to get out all the air bubbles, as mentioned in the instructions. I've come to this web site to buy ten more packs.
May 17, 2008
I would buy this product again and again
This product works very well on all labels, except oversized ones. I have never wasted a label saver.
June 28, 2011
1 year ago
Easy & elegant way to preserve memories!
We use the label savers to remember not only the wines we tried but the memorable moments around them. With the savers we can put the labels in our wine journal to make a record of the date & our opinions/comments about the wine. We always note the "table topic" {i.e. theme of conversation} surrounding the time we drank the wine. Not only do we have a beautiful book (most labels are works of art!) but we have wonderful records of many enjoyable evenings/events!
July 23, 2008
Love these Label Savers
Have used these Label Savers for years to save wine bottle labels. They are a bit pricey, but when nothing else works (soaking, etc.) I use these.
July 16, 2012